USB Powered Disco Ball Night Light

Whether you are a professional DJ or just want to array your living room with some stage-quality equipment, USB Powered Disco Ball Night Light should suit your needs. Boasting portability and high performance, this palm-sized USB stage light is totally worth the investment.

  • Whether it’s a huge concert or just a simple house party, one of the keys to a successful event is an excellent light show. The perfect lighting can transform any party into an exhilarating experience. That is why it is vital to choose the best party light if you’re planning to purchase one.

    USB Powered Disco Ball Night Light is easily the perfect choice. It boasts a 7-colour disco ball party light that changes hue and speed according to the music’s beat. No need for complicated tools, as this USB party light can be connected and controlled via your smartphone. And because it is ultra light and compact— just the size of the palm— it is very easy to bring wherever the party goes.

    USB Powered Disco Ball Night Light also promises 100% safety. Well-engineered and made of premium materials, it does not heat fast. So if you are planning to party all night long, you won’t have a problem with this nifty LED party light.

    It also highlights low power consumption, stable lighting performance and a long service life that can last up to 20,000 hours. Additionally, it can be used with your computer, phone charger, power bank, and many more.


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