SPEEDWOW Waterproof 3D Bullet Hole Car Stickers

Personalize your automobile with SPEEDWOW Waterproof 3D Bullet Hole Car Stickers.These waterproof, heat-proof and weatherproof decals from SpeedWow are the best way to accentuate and add personal style to your prized cars and motorcycles. They are made of premium plastic material so they do not fall off easily. Plus, SPEEDWOW Waterproof 3D Car Stickers come in a wide variety of fun and elaborate designs to choose from.

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  • Tired of car bumper stickers and motorcycle decals that easily fall off? Now you can cut ties with poor-quality stickers that damage your car surface and last only for months. SpeedWowprovides high quality, weather-proof stickers that come in various designs—perfect for expressing your own personal style on your valued vehicle.

    The best thing about these stickers is that they are made with strong adhesive and can stick on any surface — plastic, metal, wood or even on cemented walls. They can also be used for laptops, tablets, phones, DIY projects and so much more. With their superior quality, they can last for up to 5 years outdoors — rain or shine. SpeedWow Waterproof 3D Bullet Hole Car Stickers are made with premium materials so you can be sure they are highly durable and are able to withstand rain and even car washes.

    SpeedWow Waterproof 3D Bullet Hole Car Stickers are different from low-quality ones, as they look more realistic. They also come in four models 24 Holes, 6 Holes, Burst Big Holes, and Burst Small Holes, with a size of 21 x 30 centimetres. SPEEDWOW Waterproof 3D Bullet Hole Car Stickers also attach very easily, so you won’t need complex tools and additional adhesive to stick them on your chosen surface.

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