No Smoking Signage Car Vinyl Sticker

Ensure to warn the smokers boarding your car that with this friendly warning - theNo Smoking Signage Car Vinyl Sticker.This weatherproof vinyl decal is made of premium rubber and comes with a strong adhesive at the back so it does not fall off easily.

  • Looking for car rubber stickers that do not peel off easily? Cut the cords with inferior-quality rubber stickers that only last for a few days. This product provides excellent, weather-proof signage that clearly communicates your friendly Non Smoking warning.

    The great thing about this vinyl sticker is that it is made with a powerful adhesive which means it can stick on any surface—plastic, metal, wood or even on cemented walls. So they are not only good for your cars. You can also use them to accentuate your office doors, refrigerators, laptops, tablets, phones, cabinets and many more. The No Smoking Signage Car Vinyl Sticker is made with superior materials guaranteeing high durability rain or shine.

    The No Smoking Signage Car Vinyl Sticker also looks more realistic than poor quality rubber stickers. It comes in 5 by 0.2 centimetres and only weighs up to 5 grams.

    Moreover, you won’t need complex tools and extra adhesive to attach the No Smoking Signage Car Vinyl Sticker on your chosen surface as they stick very easily and last for a long time.

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