Male to Male Jack Audio Cable

The best auxiliary cable designed for the demanding user. Male to Male Jack Audio Cable offers a straightforward way of enjoying music in your car. It is made of superior quality PVC cable and connectors that promises great compatibility with almost any car and phone models.
Color Name
Rose Red

  • 3.5mm jacks are usually the main type of auxiliary input you can find on your vehicle’s head units— the same type of tip-ring sleeves on your earphones. So when you see aux input listed as a head unit feature in your car, this means a jack that you can hook directly into the headphone jack on your iPads, tablets, phones, or other audio devices, with a male-to-male TRRS cable.

    Aux inputs can be used with any audio device. You will be able to use it with the aux input in your car’s head unit or home stereo, regardless of whether you have an Android phone or iPhone.

    Male to Male Jack Audio Cable is the premium aux cable with interesting features. It harbours the qualities everyone is looking for in cables: tangle-free and durable.

    Male to Male Jack Audio Cable is made of extra thick PVC material guaranteeing that it will last for a long time. Its high-grade connectors also promise high reliability and compatibility with any car model— fits perfectly on the car head unit allowing for maximum music enjoyment.

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