Luminous Car Temporary Parking Magnetic Plate

TheLuminous Car Temporary Parking Magnetic Plateallows you to leave contact information on the dashboard of the car just in case you need to double-park because of an emergency. Itsglowing night light makes it very visible and noticeable during the night. It also lets you switch to night mode easily with its optical sensing function.
Color Name

  • Emergency situations that require you to park at no-parking zones are inevitable. When unfortunate events like this happen, it is better to be ready. Cease worrying about your car while taking care of your emergency with a reliable temporary parking card.

    In choosing a car parking card, it is best to choose one with bright luminous light, which will come handy during the night. The Luminous Car Temporary Parking Magnetic Plate features optical sensing that lets you change it to night mode effortlessly. Its neon bright colour allows it to be very visible at night, so you can now stop worrying that your car might get towed by authorities.

    The Luminous Car Temporary Parking Magnetic Plate is made of high-grade ABS material guaranteeing maximum durability. Portability-wise, this product is very lightweight making it very easy to transfer from one car to another.

    Moreover, the Luminous Car Temporary Parking Magnetic Plate highlights a rotary system, so you do not need to buy a new one when you change your contact information. This function also lets you switch display and hide numbers to protect owner privacy instantly. The Luminous Car Temporary Parking Magnetic Plate can be used for all car models and brands. So if you are looking for a temporary parking card that is easy to install and use, then this is the product for you.

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