Led Ash Tray

Led Ash Tray is the premier led ashtray for your automobile. It features an oval off smoke hole that automatically extinguishes cigarette butts after throwing them in. With its double-heat resistant structure, it guarantees 100% safety for you and your prized vehicle. Plus, its stylish and compact design makes it very convenient and easy to use.

  • There are varieties of car ashtray designs available in the market these days. Made of different types of materials— ranging from plastic to wood, to clay and even metal— you can surely find something that matches your preference and taste. But if you are looking for the best one out there, these are the things you must also consider, apart from design: size, accessibility, and “smokelessness.”

    You must choose an ashtray that comes in standard size so it can perfectly fit your car cup holder. Otherwise, you will be simultaneously juggling the steering wheel, the cigarette and the ashtray— which is very dangerous.

    Having an ashtray with the perfect dimension will also allow you to put it in an accessible place— somewhere where your upholstery would not be compromised. You also have to make sure to purchase one that seals the smoke well so it does not escape the cannister.

    Led Ash Tray is perfect if you need to be non-obtrusive as possible. This product resembles nothing more than a tiny-sized aluminium water canister. Plus, it automatically extinguishes right after dropping in the cigarette butt so you can be sure no smoke can escape the air. It also guarantees 100% safety as it features double heat resistance.

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