Car Wool Washing Gloves Brush

The phenomenal car washing gloves for your car, motorcycle and other painted surfaces. This professional car cleaning mitt boasts an incredibly soft artificial wool material making it one of the best mitts to guarantee a scratch-free wash. With this product, you can now meticulously remove grime without leaving dents and scratches on your prized vehicle.

  • Using inferior-quality wash gloves for your vehicle can introduce more damage than good. Cheap car mitts and sponges aren’t made of gentle materials and therefore do not guarantee gentle cleaning for your car’s surface. Maneuvering these types of mitts on your automobile is like rubbing very coarse sandpaper on antique Dalbergia-wood furniture, or polishing expensive porcelain jars with sheets of sedimentary rocks.


    Purchasing just any kind of car gloves without giving it considerable thought can deface your vehicle rather than beautify it. That’s why choosing the proper wash gloves for your car is not an easy task, however basic it may seem. There are a wide variety of gloves and mitts available in the market nowadays, but not all of them are good for your car. Not all of them are created equal.



    In buying the perfect car gloves for your car, it is best to choose gloves made of wool or artificial wool. The Car Wool Washing Gloves Brush is made of remarkably soft synthetic wool fibers making it the best tool to clean your automobile. Not only is it more gentle for the paintwork of your car than microfiber, it is also highly absorbent and can hold more water when damp. The Car Wool Washing Gloves Brush also displays superior durability making it last for a very long time. Plus, this product does not absorb dirt, but collects dust instead that can easily be washed off.

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