Car Seat Gap Console Filler

Car Seat Gap Console Filler provides a cool and stylish way to add gap fillers and storage pockets to your automobile. Made of premium synthetic materials, this car seat organizer ensures high durability and superior impact resistance. Plus, not only does it provide extra storage space, but it is also a very efficient drop-catcher to prevent your belongings from falling off the narrow gap between your car seats. Convenient storage bin for your phones, pens, glasses and more!

  • Adding extra storage bins to your car can be very problematic. Especially when you are extremely meticulous when it comes to organizing your stuff. You cannot be blamed— car clutter is a serious bummer. Plus, when caught on distressing traffic, who doesn't want a neat and relaxed environment inside the car? Sure it requires extra time and effort, but it would certainly be totally worth it when you find the best storage pockets for your prized vehicle.

    In looking for the ideal car organizer, there are a plethora of things to consider: size, usability, design, durability, and ease of installation. You must also choose an organizer that guarantees supreme stability— you do not want storage that shakes or falls off every time the car hits a bump on the road.

    Car Seat Gap Console Filler is a premium storage console designed to be tucked down between the front seat of the car. It works as an extra storage space and an impact-resistant catcher that prevents your things from slipping through the narrow gap between the seats, so instead of losing your things in the abyss that is your car floor, they can safely nestle in this nifty gap filler.

    This product can hold your phones, tablets, and other gadgets very securely. Thanks to its grippy surface that will not come dislodged during rough journeys. It is also made of premium, heavy-duty plastic material that attests superior durability.

    Additionally, Car Seat Gap Console Filler features an ergonomic and attractive design that blends nicely on majority of car interiors. Stable, durable and perfectly-sized to stow tiny items that can be lost— loose change, keys, screws, pins— this surely is the best gap filler and storage bin for your car.

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