Car Cleaning Glue Gel Stickers

The Car Cleaning Glue Gel Sticker is a revolutionary cleaning gel that allows you to eliminate dust and other debris from your car without scattering them into the air to be inhaled. It is made of safe disinfectants, best for people with dust allergy and sensitive skin. It is also compatible for most cars.

  • Getting rid of dust from inside the car can be strenuous, especially when you are allergic to dust and liquid disinfectants. Using a feather dusters or cleaning rags is not advisable as these cleaning tools just scatter the tiny dirt particles into the air or other parts of the car, allowing you to inhale them.

    The Car Cleaning Glue Gel Sticker is an innovative cleaning gel made of disinfectants, preservatives, boric acid, methyl p-benzoic acid, and other spices that allows you eradicate strong sticky debris, hair, and dust from your car. This cleaning gel from GEONYIEEK can reach even the most rugged surfaces and narrow cracks of your car. It leaves no trace of dirt, plus it gives off a touch of fragrance after use.

    The Car Cleaning Glue Gel Sticker is made of environmentally-friendly formula. It also decomposes naturally, and can be used several times. It is safe for people with sensitive skin and respiratory illnesses such as chronic asthma.

    To use the Car Cleaning Glue Gel Sticker, remove it from the bag and knead it by hand for 30 seconds to increase flexibility, and then press on the surface you want to clean for about 3-5 seconds. After use, put it back in the bag and seal.

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