Bluetooth AUX Audio Receiver

The fast and convenient way to enjoy music in your car. Bluetooth AUX Audio Receiver allows you to play music wirelessly with its superior Bluetooth technology. With a transmission distance of up to 10 metres, you can now enjoy your music without the bound of cords.
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  • Enjoy hands-free audio and calls while aboard your car with Bluetooth Music Receivers. You can now connect your phone, iPads, tablets and other devices to the speaker of your car wirelessly, by simply plugging one of these devices on your audio port.

    When looking for the best Bluetooth Music Adapter for your car, it is vital to consider not only the design, but also audio quality, transmission distance, and ease of use. Bluetooth AUX Audio Receiver guarantees high compatibility with any car model. Simply connect it to the USB port in your automobile to stream audio from your phone wirelessly. Additionally, the device has a transmission distance of up to 10 meters, allowing you to enjoy your music without limits.

    Bluetooth AUX Audio Receiver also harbours the awesome trio of portability, durability, and premium audio quality, making it the perfect Bluetooth Music Adapter for the music savvy.

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