Baseus USB Quick Charger

Baseus Quick Charger 3.0 USB C Type C Cable 5A for Huawei & Samsung galaxy guarantees high-speed charging anywhere, anytime. Its thicker and wider USB copper allows more stability as you charge. It also features a reinforced bent head ensuring ultra durability and strength.

  • A phone USB cable that displays high-durability, superior performance and reliability is an essential must-have whether you use it for work or for play. There are plenty of USB cables in the market nowadays, but not all of them are created equal.

    Baseus USB Quick Charger has all the features you are looking for in USB charger cable. It boasts a 50-minute full-charging time with its USB C Cable 5A. It is made of high-grade Zinc Aluminum Alloy and Nylon that promises high durability. While its thicker and wider USB C copper allows supreme stability as you charge your devices.

    Baseus USB Quick Charger also do not heat very quickly ensuring safe and reliable charging. No need to worry about whether your phone’s going to blow up due to overcharging. Its reinforced bent head assures that the cable would not break in a hundred uses.Baseus USB Quick Charger’s nylon covering also makes the cord very sturdy.

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