Baseus 5V USB Fast Car Charger

Baseus 5V USB Fast Car Charger guarantees ultra-fast charging wherever you go. With four (4) USB ports, you can now charge multiple devices in your car at the same time. Its ergonomic design also helps prevent tangled cables. Safe and easy to use, this product is the best car charger for people who are always on the road.
Plug Type

  • Always on the road? Need to charge multiple devices at the same time? Whether you are a travel writer, a busy professional, or simply a traveller for fun, you need a reliable car charger adapter for all your on the road ventures.

    Eliminate the hassle of waiting in front of public charging booths, because you can now keep your phones or tablets fully-charged while on the go with Baseus 5V USB Fast Car Charger. With its 5.5A high current, it ensures ultra-fast charging for all your devices in the comfort of your automobile.

    Equipped with a built-in intelligent CI chip, Baseus 5V USB Fast Car Charger can identify the current charge required for different devices—an amazing feature that prevents your devices from slow-charging and overcharging. With four (4) USB ports, this car charger definitely is the best purchase for people who needs to charge multiple devices at the same time while on the road.

    Baseus 5V USB Fast Car Charger also boasts an ergonomic design that prevents your cables from tangling. Plus, its independent anti-electromagnetic and anti-jamming circuit that hinders electromagnetic frequency pulse interference, guarantees a safe and unobtrusive charging experience.

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