Baseus 36W Dual USB Car Charger

Baseus 36W Dual USB Car Charger ensures high-speed charging anywhere you go. With its dual USB ports, you can now charge two devices in your car simultaneously. Its well-engineered design also helps prevent cables from coiling with each other. Safe, reliable and convenient to use, this product is the perfect car charger for full-time travellers.
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  • Travelling all the time? Cannot afford to drain your batteries? Whether you are a business professional who is always on the road or simply an avid traveller, you need a high-speed and reliable car charger adapter to take with you. This will not only eliminate the hassle of looking for a public phone charging booth, but it will also allow you to charge in the comforts of your car—avoiding the possibility of theft.

    Baseus 36W Dual USB Car Charger goes beyond the traditional charger. Now you can keep your phones fully charged while on the go. It features 36W QC 3.0 technology which enables ultra-fast charging for all your devices. The car charger’s dual USB C ports also allow safe and unobtrusive simultaneous charging.

    Equipped with Smart Brain technology, Baseus 36W Dual USB Car Charger intelligently distributes current, switching to trickle mode when the battery is full. This is vital to look for in a car charger as it prevents your devices from overcharging. Baseus 36W Dual USB Car Charger also highlights an ergonomic design that allows a tangle-free charging experience. Safe and reliable, this charger is the best choice for people who are always on the road.

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