NFUNGYK Bluetooth Headphone for iPhone with Mic

If you are looking for a professional headphone with superior quality audio—excellent bass and acoustic soundNFUNGYK Bluetooth Headphone for iPhone with Mic is the wireless headphones for you. This audiophile-grade music arsenal boasts the awesome tandem of high performance and affordability with its innovative features and ergonomic design. Definitely the best earphones for music junkies!

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  • Finding the best headphones for your lifestyle can be a serious conundrum. There are hundreds of headphones available in the market nowadays from different brands and of different prices, promising superiority over other audio devices, but only a few of them really display what you ask for a wireless headphone: high-quality sound, comfortable fit, and of course, excellent durability.

    Admit it or not, we are always buying headsets—often because we resort to inferior quality ones. The problem with these poor quality headphones is that, most of the time, they only last for months. Unless we stop this tedious habit of purchasing without understanding the technical specifications of these vital audio pieces, the wrong ones will always land on our eardrums.

    NFUNGYK Bluetooth Headphone for iPhone with Mic features superior quality sound held in a well-engineered headphones body that flaunts sturdy, ergonomic design and unrivaled style. This is what makes it very flexible and comfortable to wear—absolutely not a drag even when you carry it around during your outdoor ventures.


    NFUNGYK Bluetooth Headphone for iPhone with Mic’s high-fidelity sound also makes it the best headphones for music enthusiasts. It promises fine audio, pleasant treble, and clean bass allowing you to have maximum enjoyment wherever you are. The NFUNGYK Bluetooth Headphone for iPhone with Mic’s built-in lithium battery allows it to have a long-lasting battery life, letting you experience extra long music playing time. It also supports TF card, so you can now use it to play anything without connecting it to a mobile phone or computer.

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